You Do Not Have to Give a Statement in Your Work Injury Case!

Some insurance companies will tell you that you must give them a statement explaining your injury to have a work comp recovery.

This is untrue in Illinois.

You do not have to provide a recorded statement, and you should not provide a statement.

The statement may be used against you later in your case.

Do not allow a Workers’ Compensation insurance company to bully you.

They have many resources and a large number of attorneys on their side, however with an experienced Illinois Workers’ Compensation Attorney you can make them pay you what you are entitled to pursuant to the law.

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In Illinois if You are Hurt on the Job You are Entitled to Benefits

It does not matter if it is your fault or not, on the job injuries get paid in Illinois.

Make sure you get your settlement when you have to go to the doctor and receive injections, surgery, or break a bone.

Do not let an insurance company tell you otherwise.

Questions about your work injury? Feel free to contact Illinois Work Comp Attorney at 309-827-4371.

Do Not Wait Too Long for Your Illinois Work Comp Settlement

If the insurance company has not paid your Illinois Workers’ Compensation settlement soon after your medical treatment is completed you need to speak to an Illinois Workers’ Compensation lawyer right away.

You have 3 years to file for your settlement, however you do not want to wait too long.

Some insurance companies will hope you do not know about the settlement, or forgot about it, or wait too long.

Do not be the person who leaves your settlement in the pockets of the Work Comp insurance company.

An Illinois Work Comp lawyer will not get paid until you get paid so there is no reason to delay in getting help.

Questions about your work comp injury? Feel free to contact Illinois Work Comp Lawyer Dirk May at 309-827-4371.