Work Injury Settlements

In Illinois you should receive an Illinois Workers’ Compensation settlement offer after you have completed your medical treatment.

If you do not receive an offer, then contact an Illinois Work Comp Lawyer to find out what has happened.

You do not have to pay any attorney fees until you have recovered money on your work accident claim.

Work Comp attorney fees are limited to 20 percent in Illinois.

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Worksite Death Claims

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The family of worker who dies on the job may have several claims.

This includes an Illinois Workers’ Compensation claim, a negligence action against contractors who might have created a dangerous job site, and an OSHA claim.

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Injured at Work? Keep it Simple

Simple is best because it prevents the Workers’ Compensation insurance company from denying your work injury claim, it makes sure it will pay your medical bills, keep your off work pay coming, and increases your settlement at the end of the case.

What does it mean to keep it simple?

Keep records of everything.

Make your work injury report right away and get it to your safety director or supervisor.

Contact your doctor’s office immediately for medical treatment, and tell them that it is a work injury.

Get an off work note each time you visit the doctor.

When you have completed all your medical treatment, ask your doctor for your final restrictions regarding any future activities.

Contact an Illinois Workers’ Compensation Lawyer to protect your interests and to make sure you get the best settlement available pursuant to the law.

Illinois Work Comp lawyers are only paid if you recover money.

Questions about making a strong case? Feel free to contact Illinois Work Comp Attorney Dirk May at 309-827-4371.

Serious Work Comp Injuries

In Illinois, if your work injury prevents you from performing your former job permanently you will need to take several steps.

First, prove that your work accident has resulted in permanent restrictions.

Second, prove the permanent restrictions keep you from performing your old job.

Third, conduct a job search to show that there are no jobs that are able to accommodate your restrictions.

If you are able to find a job, then you may be entitled to a wage differential between the wage at your former job and the wage at your new job.

If you cannot find any jobs because your restrictions are too limiting, then you would be entitled benefits for the remainder of your life time.

The process is complicated and requires compliance with the Illinois Workers’ Compensation law and rules.

Please contact Illinois Work Comp Attorney Dirk May at 309-827-4371 to discuss your work injury and your next steps for recovering a settlement for your serious work injury.