Illinois Work Comp Injuries and Medical Cannabis

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The Minnesota Supreme Court denies medical cannabis treatment for work injuries.

This does not mean the Illinois Supreme Court would rule in the same way.

No case has reached the Illinois Supreme Court yet.

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Injured at Work? Someone may be Watching you!

In Illinois, it is legal for the insurance company to have a private investigator video tape you while you are at your home, and when you go about your daily activities.

The nature and extent of your work injury, and any limitations you may have are important in your Workers’ Compensation case.

If the Work Comp insurance company is able to prove you are not as limited in your daily activities as you claim, then your case is worth less money.

Most surveillance video does not show much.

However, if you are seen lifting heavy objects, climbing ladders, dancing, or being able to move body parts that are supposedly immobile then your case value will drop dramatically.

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Injured at Work? Get a Strong Team Mate!

If you have been injured at work in Illinois make sure to get help right away.

You want to build a strong case so you can get the best settlement possible.

The insurance company has a large number of lawyers watching out for it.

Get an Illinois Workers’ Compensation Lawyer to level the playing field.

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Get Help From Your Local Illinois Work Comp Lawyer

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