Bloomington Man bites Security Guard

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In Illinois the Security Guard is able to file for Workers’ Compensation benefits. You must prove your damages. In this type of case there may be no long term damages. In the event the guard contracted HIV or hepatitis C or some type of disease this would be long term damage. Even without long term damage the guard will be entitled to related medical treatment and maybe a small settlement.

Not All Lawyers Get Paid Alike

In Illinois, different types of lawyers get paid in different ways.

Some lawyer are paid by the hour, or require upfront retainer fees.

Illinois Workers’ Compensation lawyers, Social Security Disability lawyers, and personal injury lawyers are paid at the end of the case based on a percentage of what amounts they recover for you.

This helps you get a lawyer to represent you and protect your interests without having to pay any upfront money.

For instance, Work Comp lawyers are paid 20 percent of the recovery. Social Security Disability lawyers are paid 25 percent of your back benefits awarded. Personal injury lawyers are usually paid one-third of the amount of money they win for you.

This provides an incentive for the lawyers to win your case for you.

Make sure that you get the help you need against insurance companies and the government. They have plenty of lawyers to assist them in defending against any claims you file.

Feel free to contact Illinois Work Injury lawyer and Social Security Disability lawyer Dirk May at 309-827-4371 to get help in your case.

Illinois Workers’ Compensation Update

No Illinois Workers’ Compensation hearings, as a practical matter, have been allowed since November 2020 and there is no reopening in sight.

The official stance is that it is too dangerous to hold hearings due to Covid.

There is also no mechanism for video hearings to take the place of in person hearings.

This makes it difficult for everyone to pursue their case and have an Arbitrator rule on entitlement to medical treatment, off work pay, and payment for your injury.

However, if you are injured at work you may still file a work injury case.

You are allowed to settle your case also and be paid money for your injury.

If you cannot get your case settled or are having problems with the insurance company contact a lawyer right away.

It does not cost anything to hire an Illinois Workers’ Compensation Attorney. The lawyer is only paid at the end of the case when you recover your money.

Questions about your Work Injury case? Feel free to contact Illinois Workers’ Compensation Attorney Dirk May at 309-827-4371.