What to do with a Work Injury and Social Security Disability

The combination of a work injury and a Social Security Disability filing makes for a complicated situation.

A workers’ compensation award or settlement has the potential to reduce or wipe out your Social Security Disability benefits if you are not careful.

This may result because the Federal Government has written the law in such a way as to offset disability benefits when you receive Workers’ Compensation.

The government allows you to write settlement contracts in a way that is favorable to you. However, you must follow the rules or you will be penalized.

Do not settle a Workers’ Compensation claim without it being examined thoroughly by an experienced Social Security Disability lawyer.

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How Important are Medical Records to Your Injury Case

Whether you have a work injury case or a Social Security Disability case the medical records will tell the tale of whether you win or lose.

The Arbitrator or Judge will examine the medical records closely to determine how you were hurt, what injuries you sustained, your medical treatment, how your injuries limit your activities.

Make sure that your medical records accurately reflect the reality of your injury and your condition.

Tell the doctor and nurses if you were hurt at work and how it happened.

Tell the medical providers all the body parts that are injured

Tell your doctors how you hurt now and how it bothers your lifting, walking, standing, or use of your hands and arms.

Do you need to elevate your legs throughout the day? Tell the doctor.

Do you need a cane or brace? Tell the doctor.

Make sure that your medical records help your case, not hurt it.

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Serious Work Place Injuries have far reaching Impact


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Financial stress and chronic pain result in long lasting problems.

Make sure to get all the help you can: mental, physical, spiritual and legal.

Contact an Illinois Work Injury Attorney to protect yourself.

Why Surgeries Matter in Illinois Work Injury Cases

Most workers’ compensation cases result in higher values when surgeries are involved.

This includes surgeries such as lumbar disc repairs, spinal fusions, rotator cuff repairs, knee replacements, and surgical repair of fractures.

Traditionally, surgeries result in more money because Arbitrators understand that surgeries are serious, invasive, and may permanently alter the anatomy, function and structure of the body.

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Lies Work Comp Insurance Companies tell You

Many workers’ compensation companies will tell an injured worker that we will pay your medical bills and pay you while you are off work.

Then they are silent about paying any settlement money.

Or they will tell the injured worker that they are not entitled to any settlement money.

In Illinois if you are injured on the job you should receive some type of settlement.

Do not let the insurance company lie to you.

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