Make Sure You Get Your Workers’ Compensation Settlement

There are some workers’ compensation insurance ┬ácompanies who fail to pay a settlement to injured workers.

In Illinois if you are injured on the job, then you are entitled to a work comp settlement.

Illinois law provides 3 remedies for on the job injuries: medical benefits, off work pay, and permanent partial disability (often called the settlement).

Some insurance companies conveniently forget to offer a settlement to the injured worker at the end of the case.

Many people do not understand their rights, and do not ask for their settlement.

If you do not get the settlement or file an application of claim with the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission within 3 years from the date of injury, then you lose your rights (in certain situations the statute of limitations may be extended beyond the 3 years).

These insurance companies are counting on making money from injured workers who walk away from their settlements.

Make sure that you consult with an experienced Illinois Work Comp lawyer to get your settlement.

Illinois Work Comp lawyers only get paid if they recover for you.

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Mock Interview of Illinois Workers’ Compensation Arbitrator

This what I imagine an arbitrator, what they call a Workers’ Compensation Judge in Illinois, would tell you about the inner workings of the work injury system.

Q: What is the main part of your job?

A: The most important part of my job is to decide disputed cases and provide a well reasoned ruling as quickly as possible. I understand that an injured worker’s life has been interrupted and if they meet the requirements of the law they are entitled to off work pay, medical benefits and compensation for the injury. At the same time, the employer should not have to pay for medical treatment and any additional money to a person who was not injured on the job.

Q: What are you looking for when you have a trial?

A: Really for me there are two main aspects of the case I focus on. First, are the witnesses believable. In most cases there are only one or two witnesses, and the injured worker is the person who testifies the longest. Witnesses who tell a story that doesn’t make sense do not get very far with me. Witnesses who fight the lawyers or who are angry make it difficult at times. The second part is looking at the medical records. They really do tell a story.

Q: What specifically are you looking for in the medical records?

A: Did the injured worker go to the doctor right away? It does not make much sense if you are seriously injured and delay in seeing the doctor. Did you tell the medical personnel how you were hurt? Why would someone hide important information from their doctor?

Q: Any other important information you look for?

A: Did the injured worker file an accident report? Or is there a witness to the accident. These things can certainly make an injured worker’s case stronger.

Q: What about doctor testimony?

A: Sometimes in a close case regarding whether the accident could have caused the medical condition there are some complex issues. However, in most cases the medical records really show what is happening and the doctors are just confirming what makes sense.

As mentioned, this is what I believe an Arbitrator would tell you. But remember this is just my take on important parts of a case.

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Make an Informed Decision About Your Work Comp Settlement

There are many people who offer an opinion, yet they do not understand the truth, the law, or the facts in a Illinois work injury case.

Beware of friends or relatives who tell you that they know someone who got a big settlement from their workers’ compensation injury.

The law is structured so that most settlements range from $1,000 t0 $50,000.

A much smaller percentage range from $51,000 to $100,000.

Very few will settle for more than $100,000.

The reason is that the law is written so that the value of the case is tied to your average weekly wage.

The higher the wage, the higher the settlement value.

The law is also based on whether you have had a surgery and the restrictions you have.

The more restrictions, the greater the value.

Why is this important?

Because some people speak without knowing the law and the facts that apply to your case.

Do not be mislead and jeopardize your settlement.

Make sure that you get an opinion from an experienced Illinois Workers’ Compensation lawyer.

It may save you money and insure that you recover a fair settlement.

Feel free to contact Illinois Workers’ Compensation Attorney Dirk May at 309-827-4371 to discuss your case.

Police officer in Jerseyville critically injured, burglary suspect killed in shootout | Law and order |

Injured Jerseyville officer is former St. Louis police officer.

Source: Police officer in Jerseyville critically injured, burglary suspect killed in shootout | Law and order |

Click above to read.

In Illinois, Police Officers injured on the job are entitled to Workers’ Compensation benefits. This includes payment of medical expenses, off work pay at the rate of 66 percent of the weekly rate, and payment for the value of the injury based on a certain number of weeks per body part. Illinois does not have a schedule based on the type of injury. Each injury must be determined on its own with negotiation between the insurance company and the injured worker. Assaults against officers are included in work comp claims.

Illinois Work Injury Tips- Know when to Fold Em

You must make sure that you understand the rules and the climate of Illinois Workers’ Compensation.

Factor this is in your settlement decision.

Your goal is to maximize your settlement.

Do not listen to so called experts who tell you what they got or a neighbor or relative received in a settlement.

They are usually misinformed or lying.

Illinois Workers’ Compensation Arbitrators and Commissioners have turned very conservative in recent years because of the political situation.

There has been much criticism of the system as being tilted against the employer.

It is much tougher now and this has resulted in lower awards and denials of many cases.

If you are denied you will receive nothing for your injuries.

A decent settlement offer is worth more to you than walking away with nothing in your pocket.

I have seen injured workers with settlement offers of $30,000 and above who have rejected the offer and gone to trial, only to lose and receive zero.

Do not be someone who rejects a reasonable offer and then gets nothing.

How do you tell if the offer is reasonable?

Make sure to consult with an experienced Illinois Work Comp Lawyer. It will cost you nothing to do this.

Questions about your work injury? Feel free to contact Illinois Workers’ Compensation Attorney Dirk May at 309-827-4371.