Work Injury Reporting Tip

This is what a good history of work injury looks like for your employer accident report and your doctor visit.

On March 11, 2019, closed the fence to the truck yard and smashed my right hand between the post and gate. Pain and swelling started right away.

You should make a copy of your injury report for yourself and give it to the doctor’s office, if possible. Go to the doctor immediately if you can. Be specific and tell them how your injury happened at work.

This is what a bad history of injury looks like.

No accident report.

You tell the doctor that you cannot remember what happened, but you know your hand is hurting and you are not sure how long it has been like this.

Do not make these mistakes and damage your work comp case.

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Man attacks Police Officer

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Police officers may file for Workers’ Compensation benefits when injured or attacked. Illinois benefits include medical treatment payments, off work pay, and payment for the injury itself.

Gas Station Employee Shoots Cell Phone Shop Worker

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Can an employee who suffers an injury in a fight with another employee or a member of the public get Illinois Work Comp benefits? It depends. The injured worker must prove she was not the instigator.

Worker Injured in Refinery Fire

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Workers injured in Illinois, whether it be by fire or lifting on the job, are entitled to off work pay, medical treatment, and payment of settlement for the injury.