Employers Can Make You get the Covid Vaccine


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Employers are entitled to require workers to have the Covid vaccine.

Illinois law provides Work Comp benefits to you if you have contracted Covid on the job.

Why Going to the Doctor Matters in Your Work Injury Case

Injured workers often say that it does not seem fair that the Insurance Company has denied my benefits.

But what really matters most is what the Arbitrator thinks about your case.

So let’s get inside the mind of the Arbitrator.

Arbitrators give a lot of weight to when you go to the doctor and what you tell the doctor.

The Arbitrator believes that if you are truly injured you will go to the doctor soon after your injury. Usually within 1 days to 7 days after the injury.

The Arbitrator believes that if you are hurt at work you will tell the doctor that it happened it at work and how it happened.

The idea is that there is no reason not to explain to the doctor how the injury happened and where it occurred. What you tell the doctor close to the time of the work accident is more believable than what you testify to at trial 2 years later.

Failure to go to the doctor right away and explain clearly that it was a work injury will often doom your claim and there will be no medical treatment paid for, no time off pay, and no settlement.

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