Illinois Workers’ Compensation Update

No Illinois Workers’ Compensation hearings, as a practical matter, have been allowed since November 2020 and there is no reopening in sight.

The official stance is that it is too dangerous to hold hearings due to Covid.

There is also no mechanism for video hearings to take the place of in person hearings.

This makes it difficult for everyone to pursue their case and have an Arbitrator rule on entitlement to medical treatment, off work pay, and payment for your injury.

However, if you are injured at work you may still file a work injury case.

You are allowed to settle your case also and be paid money for your injury.

If you cannot get your case settled or are having problems with the insurance company contact a lawyer right away.

It does not cost anything to hire an Illinois Workers’ Compensation Attorney. The lawyer is only paid at the end of the case when you recover your money.

Questions about your Work Injury case? Feel free to contact Illinois Workers’ Compensation Attorney Dirk May at 309-827-4371.

Worker killed in loading dock accident

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Illinois Workers’ Compensation law provides death benefits to the worker’s family in most cases. Illinois injured workers are entitled to medical benefits, off work pay, and settlement for the injury itself. Talk to an Illinois Work Comp lawyer to protect yourself.

How Fast Can I get Paid from Work Comp?

As we discussed last week, you can settle your Illinois Workers’ Compensation case after your doctor releases you from medical treatment.

What happens after that?

Once you have reached an agreement with the Insurance company you must have your contract reduced to writing.

Illinois has a new settlement system where everything is done via the internet.

The Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission requires you to upload your settlement contract on its website and then an Arbitrator must review it and approve it.

You should have an Illinois Workers’ Compensation Attorney review the contract before you settle your case to make sure that you are legally protected.

Contract approval may take from one day to one week.

Once approved the insurance company is supposed to send your money out within 30 days.

Questions about your work injury settlement? Feel free to contact Illinois Workers’ Compensation Attorney Dirk May at 309-827-4371.