Recent Appeals Court Case is Good News

The 7th Circuit Court of Appeals has issued a favorable decision in a Social Security case.

The case ruled that Social Security Administrative Law Judges must pay close attention to the testimony of the disabled person.

If the testimony is consistent with the medical records, and the doctors’ opinions, the Judge cannot just ignore or discount it.

In this case, a lady in her thirties, had suffered severe spine and head injuries and had constant headaches, and needed powerful pain medications.

She also had to spend a lot of time laying down.

The Social Security Judge ruled that she could work a sit down job.

This contradicted the ruling of the Agency consulting doctor who did not believe she could work.

This court case should make Administrative Law Judges think very carefully when they are weighing the testimony of a claimant.

What Will Social Security Ask Me?

When you have your Social Security Disability Hearing it helps to know what questions the Judge will ask.

The Social Security Judge will ask you what problems keep you from working.

What the doctors are doing for your treatment.

How your medications are working?

What side effects they cause.

What limitations you have.

What are your daily activities?

What kind of chores are you able to do?

What was your past work in the last 15 years?

Have you been receiving unemployment benefits?

Why can’t you work a simple, low stress job.

The focus will be on how your condition limits your abilities.

These are only some of the questions the Social Security Disability Judge will ask.

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Study Links Expiring Unemployment Benefits to Disability Applications – Real Time Economics – WSJ

Study Links Expiring Unemployment Benefits to Disability Applications – Real Time Economics – WSJ.

Click above to read. Makes some sort of sense, however, you would have look at the long term numbers. You still have to prove the medical problems also. Medical problems are what get many people kicked out of their job to begin with. See Social Security News blog for more commentary.