When Should You File for Social Security Disability?

If you can no longer work, then you should file for Social Security Disability benefits right away.

There are several reasons for filing immediately.

First, the process takes a very long time.

It can take from six months to over two and one-half years to get a final decision. This includes multiple appeals and a hearing before the administrative law judge.

Second, you can lose benefits if you delay.

Social Security rules only allow you to go back 12 months from the application date to recover back benefits.

For instance, if you were found disabled 24 months before your application date then you lose 12 months of back benefits.

Third, you want to get your Medicare started.

Medicare is available 30 months after your disability onset date is determined.

If you cannot work there is no reason to delay.

File your Social Security Disability as soon as possible.

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Two people use Holland woman’s Social Security number | Fox17

HOLLAND, Mich.— We need it to work to identify ourselves and even get loans. When it comes to our Social Security number, we expect it to stay secure. However, as some Americans find out from time to time that’s not always the case.One Holland woman found out that some state and Social Security departments have access that can prove someone else was using her number, but they don’t alert you.

Source: Two people use Holland woman’s Social Security number | Fox1

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Crazy story. Gives you a glimpse into some of the things that go on within Social Security Administration. If you run into problems with SSA make sure that you get some backup. Such as your United States Senator or a lawyer who deals with SSA on a regular basis.

Maine fisherman pleads guilty to faking disability, collecting $157,000 – The Portland Press Herald

Daniel Fitzsimmons of Whiting now faces up to 5 years in prison and a $250,000 fine.

Source: Maine fisherman pleads guilty to faking disability, collecting $157,000 – The Portland Press Herald

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Stories such as this give the impression that many people are cheating and are able to work. It is very difficult to prove that you are disabled and unable to work. May the government catch those who are defrauding the taxpayers and making it more difficult for people who are truly disabled.

SSI and SSDI Claims- What Social Security Looks For

There are two different programs under which a disabled person may claim benefits.

They are Supplement Security Income “SSI” and Social Security Disability Income “SSDI”.

Both programs have the same medical requirement, however they have different financial requirements.

SSDI is called an insurance program because it is based on the taxes you pay when you work.

If you have not paid in enough quarters in five of the last ten years, then you are not eligible for SSDI benefits.

Some examples are homemakers who have not paid into the system, or someone unemployed for long periods, or an Illinois teacher who does not pay social security taxes.

SSI may be available to those who are not eligible for SSDI.

SSI is an income and asset based program. If you have no income or limited income and do not have assets worth more than $2,000 then you may be eligible (one vehicle and one residence are exempt).

The medical criteria for SSI and SSDI are that you must not be able to do substantial gainful activity if you are under 50 years of age.

Substantial gainful activity for the year 2017 is defined as $1170 per month.

This is a difficult burden to meet because it includes unskilled and sedentary jobs.

Once a person reaches the age of 50 years, the rules relax and allow a person to be able perform certain sedentary jobs and still be able to collect SSI or SSDI benefits.

Obtaining the appropriate medical treatment and describing your physical and mental limitations in the medical records is a vital part of your case.

Social Security makes two decisions when they decide your case.

The first is are you disabled, and the second is when did you become disabled?

Social Security will pay you back benefits for up to one year before the date of the SSDI application, and  will only pay back benefits from the date of the SSI application.

The procedure for filing a disability application is to file it online through the www.ssa.gov website.

It takes four to six months for SSA to review the application. If they deny your claim, then you will have to file a request for reconsideration. This takes four to six months for review. If it is denied, then you must file a request for hearing. It usually takes twelve to fourteen months for a hearing to be scheduled.

The appeal process must be followed or you have to start over, and it may cause you to lose benefits.

Questions about your disability claim? Feel free to contact Illinois Social Security Disability Attorney Dirk May at 309-827-4371.

Senate votes to undo Obama administration Social Security gun rule – Washington Times

Congress on Wednesday approved the first gun rights bill of the new Republican-controlled Washington, voting to erase an Obama administration regulation that would have forced Social Security to scour

Source: Senate votes to undo Obama administration Social Security gun rule – Washington Times

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The law tied reporting of Social Security Disability beneficiaries with mental illness to a gun ban list. Once you apply for Social Security Disability the government has access to a large number of your medical records to determine whether you are unable to work. Make sure that you have an experienced lawyer help you out.