Illinois Work Comp Allows For Some Mental Trauma Cases

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Illinois law permits payment for some mental trauma situations. For instance, if you are a first responder and you suffer trauma as a result of directly aiding victims then you have a strong claim. Cases have been denied for general on the job stress such as school teachers.


The Disappearing Doctor and How it Makes Your Disability Case Harder

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The changes in health care delivery make it harder to win your Social Security Disability case. Not able to see the doctor as much or get the medical tests you need results in less evidence to convince the Judge of your disability.

Highest Value Workers’ Compensation Cases- Hands

Previously we discussed knee injuries.

Another area of large settlements in Illinois Workers’ Compensation cases involve hand injuries.

One reason is that the law values the hand as worth  a total of 205 weeks.

The hand is vital to being able to work, of course, because it impacts activities such as handling, gripping, feeling, fingering and lifting.

Many hand injuries result in surgery.

Surgeries increase the value of your case.

Hands are often difficult to repair and result in arthritis and potentially require additional surgery and treatment in later years.

Permanent limitations in handling, fingering, and lifting will also increase the value of your settlement.

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Twin sisters known for battle with debilitating OCD die in possible ‘suicide pact’

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Extreme mental health conditions are grounds for Social Security disability benefits. They prevent a person from working in regular employment.

57-year-old man fatally struck while crossing street in Vittum Park

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Pedestrians may recover damages if injured in the street. Driver may raise defense of improper or unsafe crossing, however it does not mean the claim will be completely defeated. Pedestrians family may seek wrongful death recovery.