Be Aware of New Social Security Disability Rules

I believe recent rule changes for Social Security Disability hearings make it more difficult for people who do not have a lawyer.

The rules provide that all evidence must be submitted 5 business days before the hearing or the Judge may exclude it.

There are some exceptions, however you must submit a letter before the 5 business days explaining why you do not have the records requested.

It really is a trap for the unwary and is especially burdensome for the unrepresented.

I do this type of work all the time and is difficult to keep up with the records and notify Social Security regarding status of the records.

People who are not represented through a lawyer have to make sure that they get all the records and submit them more than 5 business days before the hearing takes place.

Most people do not understand the rules, or how to get their records, or what is important to SSA.

You do not have to pay a lawyer upfront to represent you in a Social Security Disability case.

The attorney is only paid if you win the case; the fee is limited to 20 percent of the back benefits and capped.

There is no reason to go into these complicated cases against the government unrepresented.

If you are truly disabled, why lose a case only because you were not able to get important medical records.

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Who loses disability insurance when it’s harder to apply? | Equitable Growth

Recent research finds that merely making it more difficult to apply for disability insurance pushes away the people who need help the most.

Source: Who loses disability insurance when it’s harder to apply? | Equitable Growth

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The trend is to make people apply online. This reduces costs for Social Security and saves time for SSA employees. The application, however is not easy for people to complete. Make sure that you seek assistance from an experienced Social Security Disability Attorney.

Get Help with Social Security Disability Before, During and After

It pays to get help at every stage of your Social Security Disability case.

An experienced Social Security Disability lawyer can help you put your best application together and make sure that you explain fully to Social Security why you are disabled.

Get help when you apply online. This is important because SSA looks at every answer you give during the application process.

Get help with every form that SSA sends to you. This is important because every question is asked for a reason and you need to understand why SSA is asking the question.

Get help with appealing every denial. You need to file timely appeals and provide the correct information or you may need to start over.

Get help getting ready for your hearing. You need to know what questions the Judge will ask you and why.

Get help following the rules. New Social Security  rules make it harder for a person to get all the necessary medical records before the Judge.

Get help if you are denied at a hearing. It is important to never give up and to keep trying.

Questions about your disability case? Feel free to contact Illinois Social Security Lawyer Dirk May at 309-827-4371.

Social Security News: Why So Many No-Shows?

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Source: Social Security News: Why So Many No-Shows?

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I have noticed a more no shows in the hearing offices I frequent. People often do not understand that a lawyer only gets paid if you win your disability case. No reason to go in front of a judge by yourself. Make sure to talk with an experienced Social Security Disability lawyer.


Illinois Work Injury Tips- Know when to Fold Em

You must make sure that you understand the rules and the climate of Illinois Workers’ Compensation.

Factor this is in your settlement decision.

Your goal is to maximize your settlement.

Do not listen to so called experts who tell you what they got or a neighbor or relative received in a settlement.

They are usually misinformed or lying.

Illinois Workers’ Compensation Arbitrators and Commissioners have turned very conservative in recent years because of the political situation.

There has been much criticism of the system as being tilted against the employer.

It is much tougher now and this has resulted in lower awards and denials of many cases.

If you are denied you will receive nothing for your injuries.

A decent settlement offer is worth more to you than walking away with nothing in your pocket.

I have seen injured workers with settlement offers of $30,000 and above who have rejected the offer and gone to trial, only to lose and receive zero.

Do not be someone who rejects a reasonable offer and then gets nothing.

How do you tell if the offer is reasonable?

Make sure to consult with an experienced Illinois Work Comp Lawyer. It will cost you nothing to do this.

Questions about your work injury? Feel free to contact Illinois Workers’ Compensation Attorney Dirk May at 309-827-4371.