What A Work Comp Settlement Looks Like

Illinois does pay a set amount for specific work injuries.

Instead Illinois leaves it up to the Arbitrator to decide what is the value of the injury.

The Illinois Workers’ Compensation Law, and the cases that have been resolved over the years  guide how the injury is valued.

The average weekly wage has a big impact on how much you can recover.

Here are some examples.

Case 1. If you made $1000 a week and had a back injury that resulted in a disc herniation, but no surgery. The law says that you take 60 percent of your average weekly wage of $1000. That is $600. Disc herniations may pay from 7 to 10 percent of a person (500 total weeks for a back). The law says this is worth 35 weeks to 50 weeks. The value is between $21,000 to $30,000.

Case 2. Same wage, but a surgery is necessary to repair the disc herniation. This may result in a 15 percent rating. 75 weeks times $600 results in $45,000.

Case 3. The person only makes $500 a week. This cuts the figures in half. $10, 500 to $15,000 for disc herniation. Surgical back is only worth $22,500.

As you can see your wage makes a big difference in the settlement.

Surgery also increases the value.

Permanent restrictions will have a larger impact on value.

This simple example shows that the process is complicated.

Make sure that you get experienced help.

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