When Does It Make Sense to Settle Your Work Comp Case?

The most important aspect of your Illinois Workers’ Compensation Case is knowing when to settle your case.

Like the old song goes “you gotta know when to hold ’em and when to fold ’em”.

Or as it was said in an Indiana Jones movie “choose wisely”.

I have seen people make bad choices because they were either greedy or they thought someone owed them something, or because they felt like they were being treated unfairly.

There is another old saying “hogs get slaughtered; pigs get fed”.

Another thing to remember: the law is not perfect. It is not made to resolve every injury perfectly. There were a number of trade offs made in passing the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Act. The result is an imperfect law with imperfect remedies for imperfect people.

I once had a law school professor who emphasized with a passion that the law is not fair.

If you are looking for fairness you will not find it in the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Act.

You must make the best settlement possible considering the law and the facts in your case.

Do not make a risky bet a perceived high dollar outcome and let a good settlement in hand get away.

Going to trial in a high risk case to get lots of money is foolish and usually results in bitter disappointment when you receive a minimal value or zero verdict.

You should consult with an experienced Illinois Workers’ Compensation Attorney to discuss your case. Feel free to contact attorney Dirk May with Williams and Swee at 309-827-4371.