More Social Security Disability Tips

I go to a lot of Social Security Disability hearings representing people mainly in Illinois and this gives me a chance to see other people who are also there for a hearing. It always surprises me to see so many people who go in without a lawyer.

These people have no idea what is going to happen in the hearing and they are trusting that the Administrative Law Judge and vocational expert will look out for their best interests.

The Judge must tell the claimant at the beginning of the hearing that they are entitled to a lawyer to represent them, and if they proceed without a lawyer then the Judge will issue a binding decision.

You always have the right to appeal from the Judge’s decision, however the evidence you present at the hearing will limit your arguments on appeal.

I have seen some of the decisions Judge’s make when a person does not have a lawyer. Most Judge’s try to be fair, but they cannot see all the things that are in your favor and they are not as invested in your case as you are.

You also need to know what questions will be asked in the hearing and how to answer them properly in light of the Social Security rules.

You need to know what you have to prove to win your case.

It makes sense to have an experienced Social Security Disability lawyer help you because they can prepare you to do everything possible to present a strong case.

The lawyer will only get paid if you win and get paid back benefits. This means both you and the lawyer want to win.

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