Social Security Disability and the Future

Just my personal observations, but the next few years will most likely continue to be very difficult for those who are seeking Social Security Disability benefits.

The political climate is such that Social Security Disability will remain a hot topic and Congress will want to tamp down the number of people who receive benefits.

Administrative Law Judges will be very sensitive to this pressure because the outliers will be hammered down.

Even judicial independence goes only so far when your bosses are screaming that the number of people approved should decrease.

Rules changes to make it more difficult for people to win are not off the table.

The percentages of people who win disability cases has dropped drastically over the last couple of years.

What this means for people who are trying to get Social Security Disability benefits is that you need to do your best to present a strong case.

This includes going to the doctor and having the doctor document your major problems and limitations, making sure that you complete all Social Security documents correctly, and knowing what questions will be asked at the hearing and why.

Make sure that you have an experienced Social Security Disability lawyer who can help you throughout the complicated disability process.

It does not cost you anything unless you win and fees are limited by Federal law.

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