Social Security Disability and Headaches

Severe headaches and migraines are devastating.

They disrupt everyday activities and if severe enough may cause you to lose your job.

If you are seeking Social Security Disability you must prove you are not able to work full time.

Proving your case starts with seeing a specialists such as a neurologist.

The neurologist must diagnose your headaches and note the severity and frequency of the headaches.

You should also keep a daily log that describes your headaches. Show this log to your doctor and keep a copy for your disability records.

It will be helpful for your doctor to provide an opinion regarding how much work you will miss in a month and how long you will be unable to perform most activities while suffering from the headaches.

MRIs will usually be part of your diagnostic treatment. They are typically used to rule out serious problems such as a brain tumor. Therefore, a clean MRI does not rule out migraines.

A case for disability can be won on the basis of migraines, but the neurologist must be willing to help you document and develop your case.

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