Best Ways to Document Your Injury and Disability

Documenting or proving your injury and restrictions is very important for Social Security Disability, Illinois Workers’ Compensation case, and personal injury case.

This will lead to a greater possibility of winning your case and increase the settlement value of your case.

Some top ways of accomplishing this are as follows:

Have the doctor complete an Illinois Secretary of State Disability certificate for your motor vehicle. This describes your disability and restrictions for parking purposes.

Have the doctor complete a prescription for any cane or walker you may require.

Have the doctor list your restrictions in writing. This will explain your limitations.

Ask for a functional capacity evaluation. This is a test that a physical therapist usually administers over one to two days and the purpose to address capability of walking, standing, lifting and use of the hands. Some insurance companies will not pay for this test.

Have a doctor complete a residual functional capacity form. The doctor will provide his opinion regarding your ability to walk, stand, sit, lift and use your hands. It does not require a test such as mentioned above.

Ask for Xrays, MRI’s, EMG’s, breathing tests, or heart tests based on the specific body parts that are bothering you.

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