How Not to Talk to the Judge

Some quick tips to help you put your best case possible before the Judge.

It does not matter if it is a work injury, auto injury, or Social Security Disability case. You often must testify before the Judge or in a deposition.

The way the Judge perceives you will make or break your case.

Do not argue with the Judge or the other lawyer. It does not help you and gives the impression that you are a combative, unlikable person.

Do not curse in your testimony, or curse at another witness, the Judge, or the other lawyer. It makes you look crude and selfish.

Do not comment out loud on other witnesses’ testimony. You will have your opportunity to respond according to courtroom procedure. It is rude and counter productive to talk over a witness.

The Judge often wants to help people who are polite, likable, and believable. Do yourself a favor and help the Judge help you.

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