Top Thing to Do When You are Injured

The first thing you should do when you are injured, whether it be at work or in a vehicle collision, is to report it to your work or the police.

Documentation is very important in work injury or motor vehicle accident cases.

You must be able to prove all aspects of your case from accident to medical treatment and lost wages.

Going to the emergency room or the doctor immediately will also prevent any defense that you were injured elsewhere or that the injuries were not severe.

Make sure that you tell emergency personnel and medical personnel how the accident happened and about all your injuries.

Make sure that you keep all your doctor appointments, follow all doctor treatment recommendations, and keep going to the doctor until all your injuries are healed.

Ask the doctor to document any final and permanent restrictions.

Ask your human resources department to keep track of all lost time from work.

The purpose is to document the accident, the injuries related to the accident, and what treatment was reasonable and necessary to address your injuries.

This will help you obtain full value for your injuries.

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