Straight Talk About Sex Misconduct Cases

Beyond all the legal details sexual misconduct and harassment cases are emotionally draining for the victims.

It takes a lot of courage to come forward and air private and embarrassing details.

Sexual predators count on people being reluctant and afraid to stand up to powerful, intimidating, and wealthy people in higher positions.

The legal system does not make it easy.

You must submit to a large number of questions that may become public.

You also must testify in depositions and be subject to attorneys questioning your motives and past behavior.

Depending on the people involved it may become a media event.

You will need support from friends, family, counselors, and your church.

There is nothing wrong with you if decide this is not the way I want to address the issue.

However, if you decide I must take these steps then you will be helping stop the predator and possibly other perpetrator’s from ruining someone else’s life.

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