Work Comp Settlement Part 9

This is the final in the series regarding the factors impacting your Work Comp settlement value.

Permanent restrictions are very important in increasing the value of your Workers’ Compensation settlement and award.

Your doctor determines whether your injuries are permanent and will effect you the remainder of your life.

Some doctors will send you for a residual functional exam. The testing determines things such as how much you are able to lift, how long you are able to stand and walk, among other things.

Other doctors will make the determination based on their experience and observations.

In any event, the permanent restrictions may determine whether you are able to continue with your past work or if it prevents you from performing your hobbies or activities of daily living.

Arbitrators will increase the value of your case if you are permanently limited.

Make sure to contact an Illinois Workers’ Compensation attorney if you have permanent restrictions, or if you expect to to have permanent restrictions as a result of your work injury. It does not cost anything to speak with an Illinois Work Comp lawyer.

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