Pre-existing Problems and Illinois Work Comp Law

A pre-existing problem is a condition that you received treatment for before the date of your work injury.

For example, you may have had a surgery on your right shoulder a year ago. Then last week you tear your right shoulder while lifting a 30 pound box over your heard.

Or you have had a bad back for several years and you twist it while working on the assembly line. Now you need a disc surgery.

Illinois law provides that if your work injury makes your prior condition worse, then you are entitled to benefits such as medical treatment, off work pay and a settlement at the end of your case.

Many insurance companies will deny your claim because your body part ( shoulder, back) was damaged before the date of your work accident.

This is wrong.

You should contact an Illinois Work Comp lawyer right away to get help. It does not cost any upfront money to do this. The lawyer is only paid at the end of your case when you recover money.

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