Work Comp and Delayed Medical Treatment

The best thing to do in Illinois if you are injured on the job is to go to the doctor right away and explain you were hurt at work.

However, if for some reason your medical treatment was delayed explain to the doctor and the medical staff why it took you longer to get into see the doctor.

For instance, if you are trying to get an appointment and it takes a long time make sure to tell the staff that it is a work comp case and document it in writing (keep a copy of the note or letter).

If you did not notice pain immediately, then explain to the doctor how you were hurt at work and there was a delay in pain or limitations from the accident.

If your doctor does not diagnose the problem right away and then refers you to a specialist, make sure to explain to the specialist that your primary care doctor was having a problem figuring out your symptoms.

Whatever causes the delay make sure to make an immediate written accident report to your supervisor and human resources department (keep a copy of your report).

You want to avoid the insurance company disputing your work injury case.

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