Important Illinois Work Comp Steps

In Illinois it is very important to give written notice of your work injury as soon as possible.

Most employees have a work injury report available for this situation. Complete it and ask for a copy for your records. The sooner you complete the form, the better.

The insurance company cannot argue the accident did not happen if you have a copy of the written form.

You should go to a doctor as quickly as you can get into.

Make sure to explain to all the staff and the doctor that your injury happened at work, how it happened, and all the body parts injured.

The closer to the time of accident that you visit the doctor, the better for you case. It shows the connection between your accident and your medical treatment.

The Illinois Workers’ Compensation Arbitrators rely heavily on accident reports and medical records.

When you have both and medical treatment shortly after the work injury, the Arbitrator will rule in your favor and award you related medical bills, off work pay, and a settlement at the end of the case.

Follow these steps and contact an Illinois Workers’ Compensation Attorney to represent you and protect your interests.

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