Northbound I-55 reopens after semi hits IDOT truck

Northbound lanes of Interstate 55 were temporarily closed near the East Lake Shore Drive exit Tuesday afternoon after a semi driven by a Virginia man crashed into a trailer being towed by an Illinois Department of Transportation truck, Illinois State Police said.Ronnie D. VanZandt, 65, of Abingdon, Virginia, was heading north on the interstate about 1:24 p.m. in a semi pulling a tanker trailer. An IDOT truck that was towing an impact trailer and displaying an active arrow board moving traffic

Source: Northbound I-55 reopens after semi hits IDOT truck

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An employee injured in a wreck such as this may make a workers’ compensation claim against the employer and may also sue the truck driver who caused the injury.

Tollway worker fatally struck by semi on I-294 | Chicago Sun-Times

Source: Tollway worker fatally struck by semi on I-294 | Chicago Sun-Times

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Horrible accident.

Family of the killed worker may file a workers’ compensation case and a negligence lawsuit against the truck driver to recover wrongful death damages.

Do One Thing Today to Help Your Car Injury Case

If there is one thing you can do to help protect the value of your automobile injury case, then do not delay.

Do not put off going to the emergency room or prompt care at the time of your collision.

Make sure that you schedule your doctor appointment as soon as possible.

Tell your doctor about all your problems and how they are related to the motor vehicle collision.

Do not neglect to schedule follow up appointments.

Make sure that you follow doctor orders.

Remember to explain how you are feeling. Do not exaggerate, but do not under report your pain either.  It does no good to tell the doctor you are fine, if you are hurting.

Describe how you are limited as a result of your injuries.

The insurance company is closely reviewing your records to use them against you,  and will take things out of context that sound innocent or might not seem a big deal to you.

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Protect Your Car Injury Settlement

Insurance companies will look for ways to reduce your settlement from a car collision injury.

Make sure that you do not settle to soon.

Insurance companies want to cut their loses and pay you a small amount of money to settle your claim.

You want to get all the treatment you need to get you back to work and able to perform your activities without pain.

Once you settle the case is over and any future medical treatment is your responsibility.

Make sure that you see the doctor early and often to get your necessary treatment.

Otherwise the insurance company will argue that you are fine and that the delayed medical treatment is not related to your accident.

Do not give statement to the insurance company.

They will use your statement against you to reduce your settlement.

Stay off social media.

Insurance companies are checking on injury victims and trying to use photos and posts against them to show activities inconsistent with medical limitations.

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Auto Injury Tips

I have had several calls recently from people injured an  automobile collision.

They are similar in that the insurance company for the at fault driver makes a settlement offer soon after the date of injury.

You must understand that when you settle your case and sign a release there will be no more money paid from the insurance company.

This is the situation even if you have some future medical treatment related to the automobile collision.

The reason the insurance company is attempting to pay you money quickly after the collision is to reduce its exposure to any future medical bills.

You must make sure that you done treating before you settle your case.

In auto injury cases medical bills must be paid from the settlement proceeds.

This means that all treatment must be completed and taken into account from the damages paid to you.

It is nice to have money quickly after the accident, however it is not a nice feeling to have some needed medical treatment that must be paid out of your own pocket.

Need some guidance regarding an automobile injury? Feel free to contact Bloomington, Illinois injury attorney Dirk May at 309-827-4371.

Remember no upfront fees are charged in Illinois injury cases.