Injured! What Should I Do?

Whether it be a work injury or motor vehicle collision there are some basic steps to follow.

Report all injuries. That would be filing a traffic report, or completing a work accident form.

Let your supervisor know or inform your insurance company.

Make a copy of all reports you complete. This will serve as proof you were injured.

Go to the doctor right away. This will remove doubt of the cause of injury.

Inform all medical providers how you were injured and what body parts were injured. This will avoid insurance defenses that something beside the accident in question caused your pain and suffering.

Follow through with all treatment recommendations. This will avoid accusations that you are not hurt as badly as you allege.

Do not give any statements to the insurance company. They can and will be used against you.

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Duck Boat Defendants bob and weave

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Looks like some public relations and legal maneuvers to drag things out. Mediation is often used to settle the case short of trial. Avoids uncertainty and often saves time. However, both parties must agree.

Accident that Killed Normal West Student still under Investigation

Of course, many people’s lives changed forever.

Accident investigations and reconstruction bring some measure of closure. They explain what happened and why.

Uber self-driving car kills Pedestrian

Tragic accident, of course.

Will raise all types of legal issues, in addition to regulatory concerns. Uber, designer, and driver on the hook. Potential defenses include pedestrian crossing at undesignated area.