Woman Dies During Motorcyle Safety Course


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Family members are allowed to sue for wrongful death benefits if able to prove that instructor or program did not take proper safety precautions.

Man killed by chair at concert


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In personal injury cases you must prove the accident happened and that there was negligence involved. Will be difficult in this situation to prove how the accident happened. Speculation is not enough.

Inmate Dies from Stroke


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Lawyers will look into the reason for medical treatment delay and what jail personnel are required to do for inmates for who are ill. The law also protects inmates. Family of the inmate may seek civil money damages for wrongful death claim.

Duck Boat Defendants bob and weave


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Looks like some public relations and legal maneuvers to drag things out. Mediation is often used to settle the case short of trial. Avoids uncertainty and often saves time. However, both parties must agree.

Teen who threw fatal punch gets probation | News-Gazette.com

CARLYLE (AP) — A southern Illinois teenager who threw a punch that killed another teen has been sentenced to probation.T

Source: Teen who threw fatal punch gets probation | News-Gazette.com

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You will see in many cases such as this that the family goes after someone who purchased the alcohol or adults who organized the party. The teen who threw the fatal punch most likely has no money. They are seeking someone who has money or insurance coverage. No money damages will replace the person, however this is all the law allows in terms of civil recovery.