Auto Injury Tips

I have had several calls recently from people injured an  automobile collision.

They are similar in that the insurance company for the at fault driver makes a settlement offer soon after the date of injury.

You must understand that when you settle your case and sign a release there will be no more money paid from the insurance company.

This is the situation even if you have some future medical treatment related to the automobile collision.

The reason the insurance company is attempting to pay you money quickly after the collision is to reduce its exposure to any future medical bills.

You must make sure that you done treating before you settle your case.

In auto injury cases medical bills must be paid from the settlement proceeds.

This means that all treatment must be completed and taken into account from the damages paid to you.

It is nice to have money quickly after the accident, however it is not a nice feeling to have some needed medical treatment that must be paid out of your own pocket.

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