When Should I Get a Work Comp Lawyer?

The best time to get a Workers’ Compensation lawyer involved in your work injury case is early in the process.

It helps you because there are many things the lawyer can do to strengthen and protect your case from the onset of your work accident.

Illinois Workers’ Compensation lawyers cannot charge any retainer or hourly fees. So it is to your advantage to hire a lawyer early in the process. The lawyer can only charge 20 percent of the amount they collect for you.

The lawyer will guide you in reporting your injury as quickly as possible to your employer.

You will also be reminded to seek medical treatment right away and provide a clear and complete description of your injuries and your work accident to your doctors.

The lawyer will also tell you to continue with consistent medical treatment until you reach maximum medical improvement.

Your Work Comp lawyer will negotiate a fair settlement for you or help you prepare for a trial before the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Arbitrator.

The quickest way to reach the best settlement for you is to have a lawyer who is ready to push the case forward through taking depositions of your doctor and who is ready to show the insurance company that you are prepared to go to trial.

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