When Should You Get a Lawyer for Your Disability Case?

You can hire a lawyer to help you in getting Social Security Disability at any stage of your case.

However, the earlier you get a lawyer the more help they can be in shaping your case toward a winning result.

For instance, I like to meet with a client right away and help them file the application for Social Security Disability online.

Then we can make sure all the relevant medical records, medications, treatments and work history are reported to Social Security.

Once an application is filed with Social Security, you will receive a series of questionnaires.

A lawyer can help you explain in response to the questions the major problems you have and how they limit your daily activities. It is also crucial to describe the relevant aspects of your past work.

Social Security will send you to see some of their doctors. You need to understand why they are doing this and what they are looking for.

You and your lawyer will also need to work together to file timely appeals to any denials you receive.

When you are scheduled for a disability hearing you need to prepare your case and be ready for the questions the Judge will ask you and the vocational expert.

You also need to understand what you have to prove to win your case.

The good thing about using a lawyer in a Social Security Disability case is that the lawyer only gets paid if you win your case.

The lawyer is limited to a fee of 25% of the back benefits with a cap of $6,000. Since benefits during your lifetime may amount to over several hundred of thousands of dollars this is a small price to pay to win your case.

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