Work Comp Settlement Tips

Be careful out there.

I have seen some Workers’ Compensation Insurance Companies who try to get the injured worker to settle their case without paying for all the bodily injuries.

What this means is that you do not get paid as much money because in Illinois you are paid for each body part that is injured.

Make sure that you understand the exact body parts you are being paid for and the value of each body part.

If you injured multiple body parts and the doctors have examined each body part and provided a diagnosis, then you should be able to get settlement money for each body part.

The insurance companies have many lawyers who work for them. You should be able to get a lawyer to explain what is going on with your work injuries and your settlement offer.

It does not cost you any upfront money for an Illinois Work Comp Attorney to help you. The lawyer is only paid at the end of the case when you collect your money. 20 percent is the limit of the fee.

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