Should You Apply for Social Security Disability?

Social Security Disability involves a complicated application process.

There is also usually a long waiting period before you are accepted.

The odds of being approved are not great.

All this to say that you should make sure that you truly cannot work a job before you apply for disability.

Monthly disability payments may range from $400 to $2500 depending on your earnings history.

So Social Security does not pay you a tremendous amount of money, however if you cannot work it is a wonderful safety net.

The other advantage of Social Security Disability is that eventually you will be entitled to Medicare.

The SSDI program has the added feature of allowing you to work part-time with a monthly earnings limit that changes every year.

This allows you to earn some money in addition to your disability payment.

The whole process may take up to 2 to 3 years, therefore you should make sure that your health definitely prevents you from working.

Many people work until they absolutely cannot continue and then file.

Before you stop working you should ask your doctors for the proper testing to document your conditions such as xrays, MRIs, nerve testing, or breathing tests.

This will provide objective evidence of your condition and support your claim.

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Mapping the Growth of Disability Claims in America – Bloomberg

An aging workforce is contributing to the increase.

Source: Mapping the Growth of Disability Claims in America – Bloomberg

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Social Security Disability claims are growing because the population is aging. At the same time the percentage of people being approved is dropping. SSA is trying to hold down the numbers down because it is costing the government too much.

Making the Best Impression at Your Trial

The impression you make on the Social Security Judge or the Workers’ Compensation Arbitrator can make a big difference in your case.

The Judge will be determining whether you are telling the truth.

Much of this depends on first impressions, how believable is your story, and how it coincides with your medical records.

If you are mean, disrespectful, or nonresponsive to the Judge, then you can be expect to be denied.

Judges are human and they have much power over you and your case.

So make sure that you are polite, respectful and listen carefully to the questions and answer appropriately.

Your story must make sense.

For instance, if you tell the Judge you cannot work but spend much of the day volunteering or engaging in physically draining activities do not expect to the Judge to believe you are disabled.

If you are caught on surveillance video engaged in dancing, lifting heavy loads or working on a roof do not expect the Arbitrator to look favorably on your case.

Your medical records must also support your testimony.

This means you must go to the doctor as needed and explain your problems and limitations.

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Who Qualifies for Social Security Disability Benefits? | Carrie Schwab-Pomerantz, CFP

I wish there was a quick and easy answer to your question, but unfortunately there’s nothing quick and easy about Social Security disability benefits (SSDI). There are a lot of rules and regulations regarding these benefits, and it’s tough to qualify for them.

Source: Who Qualifies for Social Security Disability Benefits? | Carrie Schwab-Pomerantz, CFP

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Getting Social Security Disability benefits is not easy and is getting harder because more people are being denied at the application stage, reconsideration and before the Administrative Law Judge. Make sure get an experienced Illinois Social Security lawyer to help you right away.